About Art Powell

                                                                 Arthur "Art" Powell                                              
Art has first-hand knowledge of youth gang violence. He became exposed to the criminal elements of the streets at the early age of 13.  By age 15, he was involved with neighborhood cliques, which later became recognized as “gangs”. At 19, Arthur (street name "Art") helped form the criminal street gang, “I Refuse Posse”. From the years of 1988-1992, I Refuse Posse reigned terror on the streets of Atlanta. Art was a major contributor to much of the gang violence that took place in Atlanta. In 1993, his criminal activity finally sent him to prison for 11 years and 6 months.

Art is now a Anti-Violence Specialist/Life Skills Coach for Art Powell Gang Expert, L.L.C. Art wants to offer our youth a path out of the lifestyle of gangs and criminal activities and also educate adults through his autobiography Traumatic Memoirs – Gangsta: To Be or Not To Be (Book 1)

Arthur Powell’s Traumatic MemoirsGangsta: To Be or Not To Be is a compelling story how one young man full of life, love, and promise can turn into a cold-hearted person, trying to find love in the world of gangs. Gangsta: To Be or Not To Be gives a real-life account of how many of our young people feel when abandoned by family and friends. Art has given the world a gift by retelling his story as you look into the mind of a young gangster. Art Powell, will opening societies eyes to the world of gangbanging.

Art Powell’s expertise has been sought after by national networks like the History Channel’s “Gangland” and CNN’s “Newsroom and HLN Network” He’s been featured on FGTV’s “Writer’s in Focus” hosted by James Taylor and Channel 30’s “In Contact” hosted by Angela Robinson. He is also featured in Dominic Stokes “If Streets Could Talk” documentary.

Art Powell also has 6 programs he has developed: Gang Prevention Program (1-hour workshop), Staff / Parents Training Program (3-hour training), Project EGRESS Program (8-weeks), Era of New Leaders Program (8-weeks), and Youth against Violence Program (8-weeks), Road To Entrepreneurship (8-weeks).

For more information please contact Arthur “Art” Powell at (678) 608-9645 or email artpowellgangexpert@gmail.com